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For Kootching it’s all about awareness. I’ll listen to and identify your set of circumstances; then share my findings with you. You will become aware of the role you played and recognize just how you got into certain situations. We will look at other ways in which you could have responded to the situation. Then you’ll put it into practice and we’ll discuss your experiences during the following sessions. With hindsight comes self-knowledge and self-knowledge is necessary for development.

You learn to recognize which situations / decisions you avoid because they are hard, but on reflection you will see that it’s from these that you learn the most.  You will discover what actions lead to success and those that lead to failure and realize what prevents you from just being yourself.

But it doesn’t stop there! We also look at what’s important to you, what is on your mind and what you want to achieve in life. Your values, standards and limited beliefs. After all, what lies beneath the iceberg, is an important motivator for your behaviour. You’ll learn which choices you should make to achieve stability.

You’re stronger when in balance and using your talents and passion and better equipped to keep up and cope with the every changing pace in the work place today.

The Kootching process is designed to trigger a continuous progression. You’ll receive the tools which will allow you to discover the real you. The sessions are not focused on reaching a conclusion but are a starting point for your personal development.