"Quote van Koot"

A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.

Leadership necessary


Due to the economic unrest, increased competitiveness within the businesses worldwide and a rapidly changing environment more demands are being made on employees at all levels. They are required to be flexible, efficient, decisive and quick. Prioritizing the workload and having a clear business strategy are of the utmost importance (What are the goals and objectives of the company and its departments?). Once these are defined they must be adhered to. In order to be able to do that we need to feel secure, acknowledge our strengths and utilize our talents and passions.

More effective


All information between coach and coachee is confidential.  A coach must be a good listener and unbiased. He/she is committed to your success and helps you to reach your full potential.  Coaching can be of high value to anyone if you are ready to work on your development and face your challenges, in order to become more work effective and achieve work/life balance.

Kootching provides coaching. With our background and vast experience we can address your challenges and support your personal development. On this website you’ll find information on Kootching and the services we offer to help you achieve your goals.

Coaching important


For these reasons coaching has become an essential part of modern day life. Through reflection, mirroring and interaction, coaching helps you to:

• “Stay true to yourself” and to recognize your talents and passions
• Define and clarify your vision and objectives and stay focussed
• Re-evaluate who and what is important to you
• Increase effectiveness in certain situations
• Learn how to positively influence your stakeholders