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Yesss! I can call myself a Master Certified Coach!

After obtaining my PCC (Professional Certified Coach) from the International Coach Federation at the end of 2015, I decided to go for the Master title.


  • Because I hold personal development in high regard. In my personal mission, I state: I want to continue developing myself as a trainer and coach. I will also encourage others and provide opportunities for them to develop. I want to be an inspiration for others and create breakthroughs for them. I want to be relevant and be able to contribute to someone’s development. I want to make a difference.
  • Because I want to distinguish myself as a coach and aim for quality. After all, coaching is an ‘unprotected profession.’ That’s why professional organizations like ICF and NOBCO have emerged, guaranteeing coaches who work according to an ethical code of conduct and carefully selected competencies, ensuring quality.
  • ICF reflects that it wants to elevate the coaching profession to an ever-higher level. I want to conform to that and contribute to it.
  • Because I have noticed that working according to ICF’s core competencies makes your conversations truly more effective and profound, helping the clients achieve the results they want to achieve during the coaching process.

Do you also want to continue developing, are you stuck somewhere, or are you not achieving the results you want? Contact me. I am here for you.