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Executive coaching

Executives (Directors, CFO’s, COO’s, lawyers, senior managers, etc.) need now more than ever, to focus on the real priorities and the right decisions. Executives should look into the future, develop a vision, present their cultural values and be prepared to take the necessary actions to set these values in motion. Executives should be aware of their surroundings and in constant communication with the team. Enabling them to engage on all levels.

That makes it very important that they can interact with someone and they too stand in need for education. Executives appear to sit in an ‘ivory tower’. They indicate that their door is open, but experience shows that people are still reluctant to enter, interact and/or give the feedback that is essential to growth. Also it may be that they find it difficult showing their vulnerability. Perhaps they feel that they should be ‘All Knowing’; after all they are the Senior Executive.

Possible topics for executive coaching at Kootching are:

Identifying and implementing important goals; guidance in achieving sustainable results; building, enhancing and restoring confidence (in yourself and others); achieving a balance between work and private life; growth in a new role and responsibility; personal development and career planning; strengthen the effectiveness of the Management Team; increase responsibility and initiative; risk taking, team empowerment; increasing interpersonal skills in order to create support.

Sometimes executives acquired their position due to a strong character. However, what brought them here doesn’t necessarily bring them further! Since results in the past are not a guarantee for results in the future, leaders should invest in personal development in order to be able to continue to have success. Now Kootching can also provide: Stakeholder Centered Coaching by Marshall Goldsmith. This is an executive coach program that guarantees results in leadership development. Key concepts on this course are program feedback and feedforward with your stakeholders. In other words, you get insight into your development points based on past acts where by you can advance and focus on the future and your personal progress. Every courageous leader who is in for personal growth, better relations and more effectiveness will highly benefit from Stakeholder Centered Coaching!