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Team coaching

Coaching can also be followed with a team. Here are examples of topics that we can discuss: communication between team members does not run smoothly; the team is under too much pressure, targets are not being reached; what are the important goals; where can we make the difference and how can we effectively work together?

Revolve your questions more around purpose; like mission, vision, strategy and goals?
(Are we on the right path, do we have the right objectives?)

Then we will follow a number of sessions on these subjects. By way of using training techniques and analysis we will get down to the basics / the heart of the subject. We will determine what we represent, what we should be contributing and what steps we must take together. Once a team has clarity they can work towards their goal.

If it’s more about mutual cooperation, lack of confidence, limited communication, not achieving the goals, or the pressure?

We will hold several 2-hour sessions to cover these subjects. We’ll discuss the situation, employee contribution and discuss any inadequacies. Together we will come up with new ways of interacting. We’ll make agreements; we’ll learn to take responsibility and confront one another regarding performance. The result will be a solid, effective team.