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What is coaching?

The purpose of coaching is to assist employees to discover the best in themselves. To help them develop and progress. For the coachee it’s all about self-management i.e. the coach assists, the coachee learns, acts and discovers new possibilities and alternative ways of thinking and acting.

The principle of good coaching is the development of awareness and responsibility.

After all as soon as you become aware, you can direct and guide those thoughts. You have a choice. (Is this what I want? Can I change it?) You can think about an alternative, a more effective paradigm, about a change in behaviour. Coaching is all about unlocking the potential that is already within you.

Problems must be solved one level deeper than where they originated.

What lies beneath the iceberg, is an important motivator for behaviour. The influence of courses and feedback from others, which only deals with behaviour, (above the water line) is often limited when there is no attention paid to beliefs, motives and motivations (under the water line). Coaching integrates the two levels, thus ensuring that change is permanent.