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Why Kootching?


  • Having worked in the business world for 15 years, I am aware of the situations that can arise. (See profile)
  • I have targeted and followed specific courses to secure my knowledge in this field. (See training)
  • After 17 years of coaching experience I have guided many people in achieving their goals (See references)
  • My mission, vision and motto speak for themselves (See mission, vision or motto)
  • My coaching technique appeals to you (See coaching methods)
  • My personality is a match to yours or… perhaps because it doesn’t 😉 (See profile)
  • During the years I have built up an impressive client list (See clients)
  • I am certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as a Master Certified Coach (MCC)
  • Certified for Stressprevention and burn-out coach by CSR Centre


After working in business for 15 years, I decided to use my talents in another field and follow my passion: Guiding people and organisations to increase their effectiveness, to ‘take back the reins’ and grow as a person, team or organization. Having worked in executive and management level, at home and abroad, in small and international companies, I am aware of the situations in which my clients can find themselves. Clients consider this a plus point. After all I have had to work with targets, give feedback and been the presenter of bad news. I have had to deal with pressure from above, been a team player and a ‘shoulder to cry on’. These experiences often mean that half a word regarding a situation is enough, so there is plenty of time to move on, to start peeling back the layers. That is to say: “What does this say about me? What stops me from being productive?”

Kootching was founded in 2001. During the past 17 years I have had the pleasure of working with many clients. They describe me as emphatic, analytical, result orientated, passionate and determined to make a difference. (click for references and citations) It is said that I am able to create a pleasant atmosphere of trust making it easy for people to open up.

In my opinion if you connect with the client then there is nothing that can’t be discussed. This is why some clients find me not only empathic, but also assertive and challenging when giving tough, non-judgmental feedback.


Relevant background / Training for coaching

  • Coaching course (School for coaching)
  • NLP Practitioner (NLP Punt.nl)
  • NLP Master practitioner (NLP Punt.nl)
  • Coaching in Organisations (Schouten & Nelissen)
  • Criterion focused interviewing (GITP)
  • Member of ICF – International Coaching Federation
  • Certified executive coach by Stakeholder centered coaching by Marshall Goldsmith
  • Certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as Masyer Certified Coach (MCC)
  • IEMT practitioner by training institute for Integral Eye Movement Therapy in the Netherlands
  • Certified for Stressprevention and burn-out coach by CSR Centre

Certified for the following FranklinCovey trainings

  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
  • The 7 Habits for Managers
  • The Speed of Trust
  • Executive coaching (A partnership between FranklinCovey USA and The university of Columbia USA)
  • Leadership


The name and telephone number of a Kootching coachee or client can be provided on request.

Below you can find some client feedback.

Nadia Tromp, (Loopbaan-)Coach/Trainer, Hogeschool van Amsterdam
“Nicole and I met while participating at a Covey training. The click we had was so good that I later asked her to work as a coach alongside my team. We have enjoyed many interactive discussions since then.
She is a warm, friendly professional who manages to be confrontational without being judgmental. She is down to earth, but empathetic. She never loses sight of the goal ahead. Although Nicole’s work method is practical and easily applied, the deep underlying questions are never ignored. She has a great sense of humor and doesn’t shy away from sharing her thoughts and own experiences. I have complete confidence in referring clients to Nicole and hope that we can work together again in the future.”

Lydia Worps – Bestuurssecretaris Brabant Wonen
“During my coaching sessions Nicole was a true professional, a sparring partner, sounding board and sometimes even a friend with whom I could share my thoughts. She is a warm, approachable person. Honest, sincere. and genuinely concerned. She is nonjudgmental and does her utmost to empathise with each situation. The sessions with Nicole taught me to trust myself and my feelings, to make my own choices and decisions. To do what makes me happy! I came out of this process stronger and more confident. I know what I want, I say how I feel and act accordingly.”

Gaby Bruggink –Director Software Control at Sogeti Nederland B.V.

“Kootching has a no-nonsense approach. Nicole’s extensive business experience means that she can empathise and understand situations within a commercial environment while maintaining a distance. This makes her a pleasant, trustworthy counterpart, who helps you take the next step towards reaching your objectives.”

Marco van Honk – Manager  Financial Process Administration at USG People the Netherlands B.V.

“Nicole has integrity, is a sympathetic, professional coach. It didn’t take her long to build my trust enabling us to get down to the business of realizing my goals that much quicker. Besides the practical organizational tips she brought to the fore aspects of my managerial techniques that I thought were appropriate but just didn’t seem to work.  Through her method of questioning and guidance during the sessions she showed me what affect this was having and how I could implement changes that would make my team and I more efficient. I was familiar with the theory, but she taught me how to bring it from my head to my heart. This enabled me to break through my own barriers and to further grow in my role as a manager.”

Cees-Jan Adema – Director of the ‘Association of Dutch Breweries’

“Nicole developed and executed several workshops for us as part of a project for change. In no time she was able to identify the essence of the company, to ignite the passion and reflect it back to the employees. She bases her coaching and the outcome on the high level of commitment she requires from her trainees. The workshop provided a sound support for our project and many employees viewed the meaning of priority in a different light.”

Jan Kuipers – Director of FranklinCovey Benelux

“I know Nicole to be a coach who gets involved, is professional and although she can be critical she is also very people orientated. With this combination we know what to expect from her as a trainer. Her strong analytical understanding of interpersonal processes and involvement makes Nicole a trustworthy partner who doesn’t disappoint”.

Richard Liefting, director Planning & Control, ‘Hogeschool van Amsterdam’:

“During 2 years I worked with Nicole because of the development of my department. Most of the program was inspired by the 7 Habits of highly effective people by Stephen Covey. The program concerned 360-degree feedback, development interviews, training, intervision and coaching. In this program I got to know Nicole as a very concerned person, with just one goal: growth of the people of my department. In short time she was able to get to know the particularities of the department, which she integrated in the program. This made the whole program very recognizable and applicable in the day-to-day business of our people. Nicole was capable to create an atmosphere in which people find it easy to open up, so we could discuss sensible themes with one another. She can be very confronting in an appropriate way. If it was up to me, she might have done that even more often. All in all it was an enjoyable and effective collaboration with Nicole.”


Those who have worked with me:

  • Rediscovered their ‘Real Me’
  • Learned to better utilize their talents and discover how best to deal with difficult situations
  • Have recognized that learning is a positive experience and that they can achieve more that they realized
  • Learnt that stepping out of their comfort zone offers new possibilities for their personal development


It is said that I am able to create a pleasant atmosphere of trust, making it easy for people to open up. My vision is when you connect with the client then there is nothing that can’t be discussed. This is why some clients find me not only empathic, but also assertive and challenging when giving tough, non-judgmental feedback.

People become conscious of the things that have been suppressed in their subconscious. Involuntary thoughts have the upper hand. Once they are brought to the surface you have a choice. “What do I want to do with these thoughts? How can I do things differently?” Together we discuss new possibilities. Here in lies the path to personal advancement. (This stands apart form learning new skills, of course.)


Proverbs and sayings often refer to ancient wisdom. There words communicate so much whilst using few words. That is why I like them so much. Here are a few of my favourites loosely translated into English:

  • To achieve in life, you have to take risks
  • Problems must be solved one level deeper than where they originated
  • Life is what you make it

Coaching methods

The feedback I receive from coachees is that I am able to create a pleasant, trusting environment where they feel comfortable making it easy for them to open up. In my opinion if you connect with the client then there is nothing that can’t be discussed. This is why some clients find me not only empathic, but also assertive and challenging when giving tough, non-judgmental feedback.

Coaching is given one-on-on. I look at the objectives of each individual. Everyone is unique with individual ambitions. They need to be approached differently to ensure effective development. People have different techniques for learning so it is necessary to adjust my style of coaching to each coachee and their specific goals.


Throughout the years Kootching has worked with private individuals as well as with many companies e.g. Kennemer Gasthuis, VU MC, BAM Materieel, Hevo, ROI Groep, USG People, Manpower Netherlands, Herman Rutgers, Werfselect, SchaalX, Wijsman actiemarketing support, Iduet, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Van Iersel Luchtman Advocaten, XL Insurance, Sogeti Netherlands B.V., Microsoft, Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Stichting Dranken Nederland, Association of Dutch Breweries, Alice Pley Search, Achmea Pensioenbureau, PGGM, ARAG, Albert Heijn, Baker & McKenzie and Detailresult.

On behalf of FranklinCovey Kootching worked for Albert Heijn, Alfa College, ArboUnie, CJIB, Philips, Shell, McDonald’s, Loyens & Loeff and Baker & McKenzie, Loyens & Loeff, Shimano, Banner, Dirk van den Broek, Unicoz.