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A good coach will make people see what they can be, rather than what they are

Nicole Koot
Executive Coach

A good coach will make people see what they can be, rather than what they are
Nicole Koot
Executive Coach

You are an executive or a highly educated professional who wants to develop in the areas of leadership, business challenges, and life questions.

Such as:

  • How do I position myself in complex situations?
  • What is the next phase in my career?
  • How do I improve my work-life balance and truly disconnect from work at home?

You want to engage with an experienced coach who is business-minded and understands your world. A coach with whom you can be open, who doesn’t mince words, and who is willing to challenge you when necessary. You want to get to know yourself better, discover limiting beliefs, and break patterns. You want to better utilize your qualities and have a wider range of possibilities at your disposal. You choose “Kootching” instead of coaching.

Executive coaching

You are unique and your situation is unique, so you don’t want a standard coaching program. You desire a tailor-made approach; an assignment that is aligned with your goals and desired outcomes. An assignment that can change along the way as we uncover deeper layers. You want a coach who adapts her style to what you need, to make steps forward towards your goals.

In short, you want an experienced coach.

Teamcoaching and training

For example, your team needs a re-evaluation of its objectives, has to grow to a next level, or learn to be more agile in a changing environment. You want a solid preliminary phase to ensure the program aligns with the needs of your team. You are looking for an experienced coach who can adapt the program as necessary throughout the process.

In short, you need a customized approach.

The coach

My name is Nicole Koot, a certified Master Coach. Clients describe me as empathetic, analytical, results-oriented, passionate, and determined to make a difference. “You are a professional who takes her work seriously. You know what you’re doing, are precise, maintain a clear overview of the sessions, hold on to the common thread toward my desired results and ask questions that make me think. I come to you because I want a different kind of conversation,” says Sharon van Emden, Senior Lecturer at Hotelschool The Hague.

When I had my introduction with Nicole, it immediately felt right. As I am naturally quite stubborn, I was looking for a coach who could genuinely confront and mirror. She absolutely delivered on that, and she also truly sees the person behind the coachee. Additionally, she is adept at being flexible. She doesn’t rigidly adhere to a program and, with every conversation, manages to achieve the maximum value for me as the coachee. Furthermore, she doesn’t lose sight of the long-term goal. I would certainly recommend her!

Martijn Schoenmaker

Head of Client Services Mortgages | Origination, ING Nederland

Koot's Quote

TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More

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