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“Kootching in the Champions League”

In 2021, Nicole guided me in both leadership skills and career reorientation. Nicole thoroughly prepares for each session, and through collaboration, you arrive at surprising insights. In her beautiful office, she quickly puts you at ease and, when necessary, she doesn’t hesitate to challenge you. What stands out is how she pushes herself to extract the best from within.

What mattered to me is that a coach can relate to the ‘boardroom dynamics’ of a senior executive in a large corporation. With her experience, she excels in this aspect. Now, this may all sound very serious, and it is, but fortunately, we’ve also had plenty of laughs!

In summary, Nicole provides coaching at the Champions League level, which means that you have to be prepared to play a challenging match from time to time.


Former Executive, Unilabs Nederland

Nicole is an excellent coach, who supported me in finding new perceptions of, and solutions to several work-related issues where first I couldn’t see any. She is an expert at creating a safe space where I felt able to talk openly about my experiences and I always felt heard and understood. She has a depth of knowledge that I have seldom found in other coaches. She used this in a supportive way that also reflected my language and behavior back to me and led to actionable insights. I can highly recommend her!

Julia Hart

Former Corporate Communications Director, Nutreco

As a client, I know Nicole as engaged, critical, professional, and people-oriented. This combination makes her a coach/trainer whose outcomes you can anticipate. Her strong analyses of interpersonal processes, coupled with her commitment to those individuals, render Nicole a reliable partner who does not disappoint you.

Jan Kuipers

Consulting Partner, FranklinCovey

With her incisive questions and determination, Nicole helped me gain even more meaningful personal insights, using her own version of the Business Model You. This has enabled me to make clearer career choices that align with my preferences, and I now understand how to remain successful and content. Nicole swiftly creates a trusting atmosphere where openness and collaboration take center stage. She is an expert, experienced coach, and a warm, genuine person. From the very beginning, there was a connection. I am pleased with my Business Model You and wish to continue refining it and keep on growing. It’s comforting to occasionally engage in coaching sessions with Nicole to consciously examine my personal development and future.

Ragna Ouwerkerk

Head of Marketing, Mediq

When I had my introduction with Nicole, it immediately felt right. As I am naturally quite stubborn, I was looking for a coach who could genuinely confront and mirror. She absolutely delivered on that, and she also truly sees the person behind the coachee. Additionally, she is adept at being flexible. She doesn’t rigidly adhere to a program and, with every conversation, manages to achieve the maximum value for me as the coachee. Furthermore, she doesn’t lose sight of the long-term goal. I would certainly recommend her!

Martijn Schoenmaker

Head of Client Services Mortgages | Origination, ING Nederland

Nicole is not only a pleasant person with whom you always feel at ease, but also an excellent mirror reflecting your own behavior. She clearly shows you the impact of your actions on others. And when you want to improve your communication, you first must

understand how you come across. Throughout our coaching sessions, many realizations occurred, allowing me to significantly adapt my communication style to better connect with my counterparts. As a result, both my conversation partners and I feel more heard and understood, generating a wealth of positive energy.

Inge Winter

Claims expert (NIVRE re-FUEDI-ELAE) / Loss Adjuster / Partner, Context B.V.

You distinguish yourself by being pragmatic and businesslike, in the positive sense of the word. You are decisive and leverage your own experiences without turning it into a “yes, I know, I struggle with that too” story. You provide pushback and are someone I cannot mislead.

Freek Haerkens

Lawyer / Founder, TREBLE

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