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For whom?

For executives and highly educated professionals

For whom?

You are an executive or a highly educated professional looking to develop in the areas of leadership, business challenges, and life questions. Some examples include:

  • How can I foster better collaboration within my organization?
  • What is the next phase in my career?
  • How do I improve my work-life balance and truly detach from work at home?

In essence, you find yourself doubting at times; questioning yourself, your values, the chosen direction, your professionalism, your response to people, certain decisions, your career, how others perceive you or react to you, how to influence people, and so on.

You would like to engage with an experienced coach who is business-minded and understands your world. A coach with whom you can be open, who speaks candidly, and who challenges you when necessary. You want to better understand your environment, get to know yourself better, discover limiting beliefs within yourself, and break patterns. You aim to leverage your strengths more effectively and deploy a broader range of possibilities. You aspire to connect, inspire, create, and achieve goals.

You possess courage, humility, and discipline.

The courage to step out of your comfort zone, dare to be vulnerable, to try new things, to adopt new behaviors, to reconsider deep-seated beliefs, and to do what is necessary to bring about change.
The humility to admit that you can’t do everything (alone), that you want to grow, and that you need others for that growth.
The discipline to engage with more effective behaviors, new habits, and new beliefs until you begin to reap the rewards of your growth.
Are you willing to reflect on your own behavior? Do you want and dare to change? Come to me, and I guarantee you results.

You have questions and seek answers. You want things to become easier for you, to have energy left, to be challenged, and to learn to adopt different behaviors. In short, you want to develop. That’s why you want a coach who has done that herself and is still actively engaged in the process. It’s an ongoing journey. You seek a coach with business experience, satisfied clients, [link] extensive coaching experience (now 22 years), and a wide range of qualifications. You want results. That’s why you come to me, because you want the best coach.

Initial Consultation

Schedule an (intake) appointment, and we’ll assess if we have the right chemistry. During our meeting, we’ll discuss your coaching needs and determine the ideal path for your journey.

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