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Executive coaching and team coaching


Executive coaching

I provide coaching services for executives and highly educated professionals in the areas of leadership, business, and life challenges. Your concerns may revolve around your company, your team, or yourself. Here are some of the topics you can consult me for:

Business-related challenges:

  • Bringing success to your company/team
  • Long-term vision
  • Integration of two companies
  • Transition within the company
  • Long-term budget and realization
  • Positioning your company

Employee and team-related Issues:

  • Building/restoring trust within your team
  • Assembling a top team or retaining talent
  • Developing your people
  • Delegating more effectively
  • Creating a safe work environment for employees
  • Resilience/agility and dealing with change
  • Increasing employee motivation
  • Enhancing collaboration

Personal and life challenges:

  • Positioning yourself in complex situations
  • Increasing your influence and getting people on board
  • Effectiveness (e.g., in communication, time management and focus)
  • Work-life balance and stress management
  • Personal development
  • Career planning/career-related questions and finding meaning
  • Authentic behavior
  • Boosting self-confidence
  • Leadership style variation

Customization and approach

Together, we determine the coach question and the desired end results. I pay significant attention to this process to uncover the underlying issues and ensure that we address the right learning objectives, leading towards the desired outcomes.

We discuss the topics that will likely be addressed and roughly outline how the coaching process will unfold. This plan is not set in stone because coaching is tailor-made: no two individuals are the same, think the same, or possess the same qualities and experiences. We don’t know what we’ll encounter along the way; which deeper layers we’ll touch.

On a practical level, there are various options: online or face-to-face sessions lasting 1.5 or 2 hours, occurring once every three weeks or once a month. Sessions can take place at my office or yours, sitting down or while walking. Naturally, combinations are also possible. If desired, I offer additional support via email or WhatsApp.

Teamcoaching and training

I also provide team coaching and training with specialties in leadership, effectiveness, communication, and collaboration.

In terms of team effectiveness, it may involve questions related to mission, vision, strategy, and goal determination or re-evaluation (Are we still on the right track? Do our objectives still align?).

Concerning cooperation within a team or company, challenges might include the lack of safety and trust, difficulties in communication, a lack of agility, addressing the underlying dynamics, failure to achieve goals, insufficient focus, or the high pressure experienced by the team.

¬†Note that, as with individual coaching, everything revolves around customization. The intake process and determining the objectives are crucial so that we address the right themes. Based on that, we design a tailored program. However, it’s possible that we might change course during the process depending on the themes that emerge. All decisions are made collaboratively because we are connected as partners, and the team’s preferences are central. Together, we work towards achieving results.

Initial consultation

Schedule an (intake) appointment, and we’ll assess if we have the right chemistry. During our meeting, we’ll discuss your coaching needs and determine the ideal path for your journey.

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