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Coaching is a profession, and it takes a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to become good at it, believe me. I started in 2002, and eventually, after many training sessions and conversations, I have evolved into the Master Certified Coach (certified by the International Coach Federation) that I am today.

Cherie Carter Scott, a first-hour MCC in America and the owner of MMS Institute (a training institute for coaches), interviews an MCC from around the world every month. In August, I had the honor of being interviewed by her. I want to give you the opportunity to listen to the interview.

In the interview, you’ll hear about the path I have taken over the years to grow as a person, find and fulfill my mission and passion, and overcome obstacles to ultimately become the MCC I am today. Hopefully, it inspires you to find your mission and passion, have the courage to embark on your path, and persevere in overcoming the obstacles you encounter.

If you encounter barriers on your journey, I’m happy to help you identify them and figure out how to overcome them, so you can also engage in the things you love and find fulfillment.

Enjoy watching!