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Every three years, a certified coach, according to the guidelines of the International Coach Federation, must renew their title. For this, the coach needs mentor coaching or supervision and must accumulate sufficient relevant training hours.

I am proud to announce that I have renewed my title as a Master Certified Coach by the ICF for another 3 years! For three years, I immersed myself again in knowledge, practiced, and engaged in discussions with fellow professionals. This is important to me:

  • Because I hold personal development in high regard. In my personal mission, it states, among other things: I want to continue developing myself as a (team) coach. I will also encourage and provide opportunities for others to develop. I want to be an inspiration for others and bring about breakthroughs in others.


  • Because I want to stand out as a coach and aim for quality. After all, coaching is an ‘unprotected profession.’ That’s why there are professional organizations like ICF and NOBCO. They guarantee coaches who work according to an ethical professional code and carefully selected competencies, ensuring quality


  • Because the ICF aims to elevate the coaching profession to an increasingly higher level. I want to conform to that and contribute to it.


  • Because I have noticed that working according to the core competencies of the ICF makes your conversations truly more effective and profound. This, in turn, helps the client achieve the results they want through coaching.

Renewing my Master title is not just a formal process; it represents a commitment to continuous improvement, a dedication to excellence, and a belief in the transformative power of coaching. I look forward to continuing this journey and making a positive impact on the lives and careers of those I have the privilege to work with.